May 28, 2009


Oh, Holey Schmoley. When I went back and read my last post I immediately said to myself "Gee, could you BE any more of a princess?" My goodness gracious, why y'all put up with me is just a complete mystery.

So I climbed down off of the ledge and did what any normal stitcher would do.....I ordered some thread keeper thingies (Annie's, I think) in a starter pack for $18.99. You will be very happy to note that I refrained from paying a $50 overnight air fee to get them here by tomorrow, but I did ask for a rush so that I might get them next week.

What is it about this thing of ours that makes us stay awake nights looking for the perfect solution to a stitchy problem? (Or am I the only one out there who jumps out of bed when an idea hits me in the middle of the night?) Stewey is not amused when Mommie Dearest goes shrieking up the stairs to the studio hollering "Bwa ha ha ha ha! Eureka! I have figg-urred it out at last!". Damn dog.

My garden soil will be here tomorrow, which means I better get the inside of this house cleaned up. I figure if I can get laundry and housecleaning done today I will be able to plant my little veggies in their new bed and then sit with a Limeade without too much guilt. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get some stitching done? Woo Hoo!


  1. Well, I think we've all been in the place you were with threads! You're entitled to a rant once in a while! (It was nice to see that I'm not the only one that obsesses about stuff).

  2. Did you lose your "I'm Normal" t-shirt? I've got one I'm not using I'll send right over! I'm sure every die hard stitcher has, maybe more than once, been at the intersection of "I really want to stitch this" and "Am I really this crazy?" Just remember, finding the right system is priceless, so if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

  3. Hi Coni,


    Ummm, I don't use a fancy system. I place each of my projects in a plastic container so the threads can spread out a bit, breathe and play! :-)

    Actually you can see what I use at this post;

    Works very well!

    Loved the two posts! LOL!!!

    Windy Meadow