Mar 17, 2009


Most of last evening's stitching was on the class project from the Shepherd's Bush retreat, so I don't think it would be polite of me to show it. I'm just not sure what the proper etiquette is regarding such matters, so I would rather err on the side of caution and not pee in anybody's Cheerios this morning.

I did start "Wachet Auf" from Long Dog Samplers on a piece of gorgeous "Mystic" linen from Picture This Plus. I'm afraid that I didn't make a lot of progress on this due to the fact that the linen is very dark and definitely needs the light of a bright sunny day. I've never worked on dark linen before, so this will be interesting. I'm sure this will be a looooooong term project.

Speaking of peeing....Stewey and I have just concluded a rather lengthy family meeting during which we discussed his need to mark every single thing here at Chex Dog Pee. After much "spirited" debate, we finally found a workable solution:

We made a quick trip to Target and got him his very own Brother P-Touch label maker. After a little tutorial on how to properly use it, Stewey busied himself marking things in a much more suitable manner. Damn dog.

"As my Aunt Chrissy likes to say.....I'm just so misunderstood."


  1. That's a great trick to use the P-Touch without opposable thumbs!

  2. LOL!! Stewey has his own label maker...LOL!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Wow, do you think that would work on my silly orange cat? He likes to 'mark' everything as his own and I recently discovered his hairy rear backed up to some painted canvas that I am working on. Fortunately I caught him before he claimed it as his own. Why do the males have to do that? I don't see my husband doing that on his golf clubs but maybe I just haven't caught him yet!

  4. Actually, since Stewey owns EVERYTHING, it is you who should mark your territory!

    Hang in there!

  5. I bet Stewey won't be marking that new sampler pattern - he doesn't look like a dog who would appreciate a Long Dog hanging around! In fact, I think you had better keep a pretty close watch on your pattern!

  6. Oh you're hilarious! Excellent compromise for Stewey's marking habit.
    Working on dark fabric is tough. If you can rig up a light underneath while working on it, it may help.
    Thanks for the great posts!

  7. Coni, for the dark fabric, try working with a white towel over your lap, makes the holes show up better. And we found, long ago, a way to keep our male cat from marking his territory--hubby threw him out the back door into a snow drift. He never had that problem again. The P-Touch is another good idea.

  8. PSSTT...Stewey, when you get that label maker can you make some labels that read Missy and put them on your mom's cross stitch stash?Thanks!!!

  9. Go ahead and pee in the Cheerios...I did :)

    Great story about your experience this weekend!

  10. I'll second Debs's tip for stitching on dark linen: Put a white cloth on your lap as you work and the holes on the dark linen show up much better. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have a **really**, **bright** light by your side, too.

    Your Long Dog project is extremely nice! Me oh my, you are quite the productive stitcher!!

  11. The real treat about the Picture This Plus fabric, is that their dyeing process shrinks the fabric slightly. So if it was 28 ct, it's now closer to 30-31. Mystic is beautiful, but you do need great lighting.

  12. Clearly, I have to introduce this marking method to our cat Jasmine who continues in her ongoing battle to mark various places around the house, lest Gemma the black lab confuse them as hers. Off to buy a label maker...

  13. Once again... LOLOL!!! I love how lil Stewey looks suitably chastened! It's an act, of course, but still just perfect. Thanks for the laughs!!