Mar 3, 2009


What looks to be a scene from West Side Story is actually the ruckus that's been going on at the back door all morning. At first I played along and opened the door every five minutes so that Stewey could chase the poor thing out into the yard, but then I realized that I am a GROWN-A** WOMAN AND I DON'T NEED TO GET INVOLVED IN PLAYGROUND POLITICS ON A PERFECTLY LOVELY TUESDAY!

Stewey is not normally known for his "manliness", and I'm surprised that he hasn't turned around and said "Mo-ther. That thing quite disgusts me and I don't wish to look at it. Won't you please shoo it away for me?" So I suppose that I am a bit proud that my little boy might just have some testosterone in him after all.

I have no intention of getting anywhere near it, however, since, in the words of our girl Carrie Bradshaw: "Yeah, it's a squirrel, but aren't they just rats with cuter outfits?"


  1. Our Girl Carrie!!!! Rats by another name would still be rats!
    I so enjoy your Blog and Stewie is my hero...

  2. Go, Stewey!

    Coni, I enjoy your writing and stitchy-adventures so much that I've included you on my "favorite sites" list on my own blog, even though it's about books and not stitching. (I only manage about one cross-stitch project a year, but I live vicariously through you!) Hope that's OK.

  3. Coni, let Stewie keep that thing out of your house. I had some make a nest in my attic last spring and thought I would never get them out. I trapped one, well I had help, but I had to put on my big girl panties and go up in the attic by myself at 10:00 pm to bring the cage down and put it outside. I could hear that thing in the attaic above my bedroom and it creeped me out so I had to get it out! It took weeks of covering up their hole and having some still inside, so opening it up so they could/would get out (and they don't cooperate) before the last one was gone! Squirrels need to learn that their place is in a tree!

  4. It is a beautiful picture.
    Stewey's attitude reminds me of Cookie's : a rat had actually found its way into our waqhing room... Yuk. We found out only thanks to our lovely (girl) dog.

  5. The nerve of that pesky squirrel trespassing on Stewey's private property. Interloper!

  6. Who can resist Stewey?? Come check out Evil Puppy on my blog when you have time :)