Feb 18, 2009


I am reeeeaaaaally green around the gills today and not feeling any better, but I can't be bothered with a silly bout of food poisoning or a sinus migraine, now, can I? I have places to see! People to do! Things to go! (Um...something like that). Besides, I come from hearty peasant stock, so lying about with a cold rag on my head just won't do. (At least that's what I keep telling myself. As soon as I actually start LISTENING to myself, I'll let you know.)

Your tender ministrations were just what this poor, tired heart needed. As I explained to Stewey, sometimes you just want your Mommie. This was after he went outside for a pit stop and was scared half to death by something rustling in the bushes. He ran so fast into the house that he missed the second step and scraped his little weenie-penis on the threshold. Oh, poor dear. He just wanted to curl up in my lap with little tears in his eyes. So I wiped his little face and petted his little ears and told him it was OK. Sometimes you just want your Mommie.

Geeze, Louise, we're a pair today, aren't we?

Before I forget....I was asked if I remember the designer name of the Poofy Hearts canvas. I don't, but Aunt Chrissy seems to remember that it is Alice Peterson. I'm so sorry that I am not better about journaling such things. I need to make a concentrated effort to do so in the future. After all, it's not fair of me to put stuff on here and not credit it properly, so I better hop to it.

In the interest of trying to expand my linen horizons, I decided to play with my stash a bit to see what I had in the way of fabric. The last several weeks I have been rather frustrated that I can't seem to figure out what I like to stitch on. I've read a lot about the differences between Zweigart and Wichelt, soft and dense versus stiff and sheer, etc. etc. etc. This just left me wondering if I really AM sure of what I like. I read with great intensity all of your blogs, looking for the type of linen that you're using on various projects, but I still couldn't get it through my thick head what I should use as my "go to" linen.

Turns out, I'm a boob. I pulled a piece of 30ct. "Gardener's Blend" from the stash and really sat down and looked at it. The linen itself is rather stiff and sheer, so I presume it to be from R&R with a Wichelt base (?), and I presumed that I would hate the guts out of it. But as I REALLY looked at it, I discovered that the color and the marbleing on it was really quite beautiful. So, being the dutiful student of all things stitchy that I am, I decided to just work with it.

This is "Beyond My Heart" from Blackbird Designs. It is the Loose Feathers Pattern #32, and it's part of the whole "mystery" thingie that I've been collecting but have no clue as to why or when I will stitch it. Something about this chart in particular, though, seemed to call to me to be stitched onto my trial linen. Here's the start so far:OK, first of all, you should probably know that this is a totally CRAP picture and that it might not actually be my fault today. It's very dreary and dark, and I can't seem to get a good shot. So trust me...the linen is a really pretty greenish brownish yellow with a brown marble pattern on it. I'm using Gentle Art overdyed threads, and only had to change three of the colors that I didn't have in my stash.

Surprise, surprise, but this is really very lovely to stitch! Not two days ago, I told Aunt Chrissy that I would NEVER use stiff/sheer linen because it was awful to work with and the threads got caught in it and blah blah blah....just like I knew what I was talking about. Turns out (as per my usual) that I didn't.

So next time you're feeling adventurous, try something that you NEVER thought you'd try (like brussel sprouts). You just might be pleasantly surprised and then have to tell me all about it! Woo Hoo!


  1. Aw poor little Stewey LOL!! Sorry I know its not funny..LOL!!I'm ashamed of myself for laughing..Sorry Stewey..LOL!! Connie

    I have a warped sense of humor..LOL

  2. So glad you're feeling better and hope that Stewey recovers from his fright and misstep, lol. We only have girl animals so have not encountered that particular problem. As to stitching, I like the linen thats sort of soft and densely woven, as I stitch totally in hand, no matter the size.

  3. Awww... sorry you're still feeling poorly. And poor maimed Stewie. Tell him that his injury is a sign of honor.. that oughta fluff him up a bit, poor guy.

    I can never get straight which of the linens it is that is stiffer than the other. I love Cashel.. which manufacturer makes that?

    And I absolutely refuse to try brussel sprouts. *stomps feet* Can't make me.

  4. Hi Coni,

    I'm glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Poor Stewey, I hope the injury didn't affect his "man of the house" title too much. If he's anything like my two pups he'll stick to your side like glue for the next few days until he gets over it.
    Love the new start also, it's looking very pretty already.
    Best wishes,

  5. Now, looky here! I take a day off from blog-reading and you're busy having a hell of a time. I'm sorry you and Stewey have been under the weather, and hopefully you'll both be back to perfect soon. I'm happy, though, that you've found the joys of stiff linen. It's my favorite ... the stiffer, the better. I know there's a joke there, but we don't even have to say it out loud, do we?

  6. Mmmmm. Brussels sprouts. Roasted, sauteed, anything but boiled. And best with bacon!

  7. We had some lovely brussel sprouts from Mala Ocean Tavern on Monday. They were wok fried and crispy. But I remain committed to my contention that I HATE brussel sprouts. And most of them live down to this reputation. Have you ever lived next to a brussel sprout field? Pure evil smell!

    As for linen, it's not stiff or soft, but dense or loose and I hate loose. Yes, I have loose linen and I do stitch on it. But I hate the way the back threads show through. I'd rather use Jazlyn (very, very dense), even though someone recently remarked how much they hate pushing the needle through such dense fabric. I don't mind.

  8. I just love the linen I am currently using -- I guess you would call it stiff, but the holes are so easy for my poor 64 year old eyes to see. Actually it is what I am using for the stocking and the Alla Turca mystery SAL.

    I bought it in Ireland off the bolt, and don't even know what "brand" if any it is. And I am running out of it and have no plans for Ireland this year :{

    Glad you both are feeling better, and had a GOOD dinner tonite (I read your next post already)

  9. No, no no! I will never ever eat Brussels Sprouts!! But I might try stitching on something new once in a while. Hope you feel better real soon.

  10. Brussels sprouts.....try Ina Garten's recipe of roasted brussel sprouts, the only way I will eat them...yum..

    I do hope Stewey's um problem is better. Poor thing, the indignity of it all.