Jan 27, 2009


All I wanted was some lousy Chinese food to celebrate the New Year. So Aunt Chrissy and Bosco come over and we call our favorite place and.....wait for it.....THEY ARE CLOSED. ON CHINESE NEW YEAR.

Now I'm not insensitive enough to assume that a Chinese establishment should forego their holiday just to feed me, but this place is owned and operated by a POLISH guy from South Bend. Unless he is of mixed heritage, I am completely unsure as to why he would decide to close on Chinese New Year.

So we re-heated chicken wings and I bitched and moaned and complained until Aunt Chrissy and Bosco left me to my own devices.

I worked on "The Riddle" while cursing the TeeVee (not a darn thing on), and I managed to get a fair amount completed. I'm still really enjoying this, and hope to continue doing so for a few more days.

My intentions of going upstairs to do some massive stash purging/re-organizing was foiled by...ALL OF YOU! I sat down to "just read a few blogs" and four hours later I was still oogling and drooling over all of the wonderful work that you're doing out there in Cyber Stitchy Ville. I am continually amazed and inspired by your work and enthusiasm for this little art form of ours, and I can't help but wonder how I got so lucky as to be invited to sit at the table. Let's just say that y'all ROCK and I am like a little kid each day as I greedily page through all that you've done overnight.

I spent the morning daydreaming about Spring Cleaning. Yup. I did. I am determined to take my house apart room by room this year and get it in some kind of order. Oh, and maybe paint. And re-carpet. Definitely re-carpet (thanks to you-know-who). If he's really good and stops peeing on everything, I might actually get him a new toy or two, despite the seven-foot high pile of toys he has now and doesn't play with. Damn dog.

Stay warm and safe and dry today, kids. It's cloudy and pretty cold here today, so methinks some Happy Chair time with a blanket and some stitching might be necessary. Toodle ooo!


  1. I dug through my buttons last night and the smallest ones I have are 5mm. They are 2 holed, white (although they're labeled blue), and look like shirt buttons. Sort of shiny, pearlized. If you're interested, drop me an email at mamadi at pacbell dot net and I'll pop them in the mail. I have no idea why I had these, or even IF I bought them, they might have been ones my mom had in her stash from way back in the Barbie-doll-clothes-making-days.

  2. Stitching blogland has been very good (or is it bad?) for my stash. I see fabulous items on other blogs and I must have them. We're keeping someone employed, right?

  3. Your WIP looks great. Keep thinkig about the spring cleaning. It's not spring yet though, so just think that you're planning ahead.

  4. Love your start on The Riddle - great colours!

    Forgot to tell you I tagged you on my blog - put it down to fuzzy brain due to my cold!

  5. Two days in a row you've mentioned spring cleaning. This has got to stop!

  6. LOLOLOL!!! I LOVE your posts! I love seeing your progress pics, and reading your non-stitching related anecdotes as well. You're a complete stitch!! Ahem. Yes, well. It's always nice to know that even if I'm having a gloomy moment, there is somewhere I can go that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. :) Your blog has been a great find!

  7. There's little worse than craving Chinese food and ending up with leftovers. You're not bad for thinking they should have remained open, it's New Years, people celebrate and eat out! I'm bad because I complain that our favorite closes on Sunday. So spoiled.
    Speaking of spoiled, Hi Stewey! You better stop peeing on stuff, cute only goes so far ya know. Unless you're a cute Jack Russell, then cute is a winning lottery ticket!

  8. I think your spring cleaning should stay right as it is now - a daydream. (To me, it's more like a nightmare!) Of course, dreaming of redecorating, well, that's a great dream!


    Darn his ethnically questionable hide!!!!!!!!!


  10. Spring cleaning--such a lovely thought. But around here, in practice--naaaah. Choice: clean windows or stitch. Stitch! Choice: paint or stitch. Stitch, stitch, stitch. Lovely start to "Riddle."

  11. Maybe you need to get Ceasar to come over and dog whisper Stewey...so he quits the peeing :) I had a kid whisperer come over and whisper to my kids...so they'd stop peeing in their beds...didn't work... :o) SO I understand! LOL!

    The riddle looks good!
    You made me hungry for chinese food and since we have 12 inches of snow and the city is locked down I'm fairly certain, that I won't be eating anything Chinese today. :o(