Dec 22, 2008


It's bitter bitter cold outside, so Stewey and I are huddled in the house looking for patches of sunshine:I finished the border on PS: By The Chimney and think it does make a difference:I thought I was going to start a Pat Thode Santa canvas, but decided to pick this up instead:I started this one last year, but had not made very good progress before tucking it away. I'm determined to get it completed today so that I can put it in the "to be finished" pile for 2009. Then, I think I'll go through anything else that I started for Christmas (like the PS Twelve Days) and see if I can get those finished up before Thursday.

Here's hoping that wherever you happen to be there's something cozy nearby!


  1. You're right - the border makes all the difference. Best wishes for the "finishing before Thursday" marathon. And Merry Christmas to you

  2. What a difference the border makes, it looks complete now.

  3. I love this LK kit. I have it and just thought about it last night...maybe I'll pull it out before Thursday!

  4. You must be stitching with turbo needles!! Every time I turn around, you have another gorgeous finish to share.

    Stay warm!

  5. I've seen that Lizzie Kate piece in a number of blogs this holiday season - I'm really tempted to try to find one for myself.

    I hope you and Stewey are managing to stay warm - I know it's tough in these climes.

  6. Congratulations on finishing the Santa, he looks gorgeous.

    Have a lovely Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas Coni and Stewey!!

    Hope Santa is good to you and you
    have a wonderful holiday.

    Your stitching is wonderful and
    your postings are a treat. Looking
    forward to more in the coming year.


  8. I hope you and Stewey stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!