Nov 5, 2008


Now, anybody who knows me knows that I would rather show you slides of my latest colonoscopy than talk politics, but I just had to confess.....

Did anybody else get all choked up and cry like a dork when they pulled into their respective polling place and saw the gajillions of peoples lined up to vote?

I swear, I wanted to hold hands with everybody and sing "American the Beautiful".

Regardless of the results or what your political affiliations might be, methinks it was really something to see so many people get out there and participate.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. To me the attendance and interest in this election mean that Change is happening more than any one person could possibly represent. It means that the average American is realizing that the power is and always has been there's to use.


  2. So did I!!!! I felt very proud....I even cried at the speeches! I am not that politically involved, but I felt exactly what you did yesterday!

  3. I always feel proud to be American when I vote; yesterday was no different, but then again, the lines were no different than they were 4 years ago. (Maybe because I voted as soon as the polls opened, in a very small community.)

  4. Oh I so agree with you! The turn out was fantastic. In my little polling place (and I do mean teensy) I was #35 at 7:00AM. The polling officials expected a hugh turnout! I felt so proud and I certainly felt priviledged to cast my vote.

  5. Our place here in Kansas was packed when I arrived there after work. I think this year people really thought their vote was counting for something, that is why they turned out in force. I do have to say I was a little dismayed at the reasons some people gave for the candidates they did or did not vote for.

  6. You made me smile again, and laugh out loud....I'm singing with you to beat the band - just like the "We are the World" video! :)
    Can I be Stevie Wonder when we make ours?

  7. I felt exactly the same way; live in a small town (about 4,000) and when I arrived at the town firehall (at 6:54 AM)to vote there was no parking and I was the 200th person in line!

  8. Hi Coni,

    It was amazing! The kids are so into it this year which is wonderful!!!

    It only took me about 20 minutes to vote but one of my girlfriends was in line for 2 hours and 10 minutes!

    Windy Meadow