Nov 6, 2008


I know that a lot of you asked to see the results of me setting my hair on fire:

Oh, I know. I'm just being silly. But this is what Stewey and I are doing this afternoon....sitting in the living room watching the fire. The gentleman that owns that "pasture" behind me gathers up all of his yard stuff and then burns it once a year. In about an hour or so all of his grandkids will come over to roast wienies and marshmallows. I don't mind this so much, but today is rather blustery, so all of the smoke is coming my way. Makes it a little difficult to breathe and when Stewey comes back in from going outside he smells like a bowling alley. Sigh.

I really thought that I would finish my LJP piece last night, but Stewey had other ideas. He decided that I just hadn't given him proper attention all day yesterday, so stitching time was going to be devoted to BALL! This dog loves his balls, lemme tell ya. (Oh, don't you even...) The weirdest thing is that he can actually identify each of them by color despite the fact that I thought dogs were supposed to be color blind. He also knows the names of each of his toys, so if I say "Go find Sheila", he comes back with his little stuffed spider. Norman is the squirrel, Petunia is the pig, Paul is the get the idea. I figure the dog is either really really lucky and picks the toy that I just happened to ask for, or he's a genius and I'll wake up someday to find that he has re-arranged my stock portfolio and taken charge of all of my affairs. Can a dog GET power of attorney?


  1. Hmmm - are you sure you wouldn't rather call your stuffed spider Sylvia or Shirley??? Stewey will still figure out who you want :)

  2. Hi Coni,

    Love the progress on "Grandma's Flower Garden".

    Laughing at the dog toy names... :-)

    Windy Meadow

  3. I don't need to see photos of the result of your setting your hair on fire. I experienced them by falling out of my chair laughing.

    No pix of that either!

  4. Now if Stewey could only tell me what the winning lotto numbers are ...

  5. CONI: Love your cute Kelp color combo (say that real fast)...Never in a jillion years would I have thought of those colors for Grandma's Garden - but I do love 'em....YOU GO GIRL... ME THINKS YOU'RE GETTING THOSE DESIGNER GENES IN GEAR!!
    Psst: take that project to your retreat this weekend, and just casually mention that I, the designer, personally approved your stunning color choices. You can even tell 'em how much I enjoy TENT STITCHING....