Oct 12, 2008


Here's the promised photo of the completed Autumn Sampler canvas from Painted Pony. Woo Hoo! Can you see the little beads on the borders? I must confess to some pretty salty language flying outta' my mouth when I was attaching them....let's just say that invisible thread is not my friend at o'dark hundred with a sleeping puppy tot on my lap.

My perfectly perfect little sister called me this morning and told me to put my underpants and lipstick on and be ready to go out at 11:00. Then she picked me up and took me to Sonic for breakfast and over to Lowes for a beautiful potted mum for my front pathway. Such a great surprise and a wonderful way to start a Sunday.

Unfortunately, my afternoon was spent paying bills and doing paperwork chores. Don't these people know I have more important things to do? I mean, come on, kids...if I send you money then I won't have any left over for stitchy supplies, now will I? Why not give that $700 billion to us so that we can go buy linen and canvases and charts and threads with it? We may not have energy independence or a decent credit rating, but the country sure will look nice and we can give gifts to dignitaries and such.

OK, back to reality. Chrissy and Bosco are coming for Sunday dinner and I've got a salad to make. Nothing fancy....just lasagna and garlic bread with a little salad tonight. (But we DO have a very good looking French cheesecake for dessert!)

Hope y'all had a nice weekend!


  1. Amen to that $700 billion being dispurse to "us little guys". I love reading your stories. Your autumn canvas looks great!

  2. Coni, the Autumn Sampler is just beautiful! The colors are great and you did a fantastic job with all the different stitches.

  3. Beautiful Coni! I am like you, I must have a stitch guide, color guide, etc. :) Love the idea about the $700 billion!


  4. You did a really great job on this. I love the colors. And the leaves around the boarder are just too cute. Rumor has it that Stewey is hitting the campaign trail dressed as a lady bug...news at 600. :)

  5. Coni: TAG -- You're IT!
    I've just given you the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award. Check my blog for the cute award image and rules....

  6. Hi Coni,

    Congratulations on the latest finish!

    Windy Meadow