Oct 27, 2008


WHEW! I finished the fern stitches in the outer border only to discover that a few of them were supposed to be a little wider than the others. Now, if I had been a good stitcher and read the chart carefully, I would have seen the part where Miss DebBee Her Very Self TELLS me to be careful since a few of the fern stitches in the outer border are a little wider than the others. Sigh.

So I frogged and then had a mild panic attack when I realized that I was almost out of the Kreinik! What's a Spinster Stitcher to do? Well, this Spinster Stitcher dumped out the ort holder and found every single little scrap of fiber she could and managed to make it with this much to spare: _____. Woo Hoo!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today and methinks this will be the very last shot of fall color. So I'm going to get out there and see if I can enjoy it for a few moments more. I'd promise pics, but y'all know that I am just about the most craptastic photographer out there, so I won't hurt you with any pitiful attempts. Ciao!


  1. Hi Coni,

    Great progress on your "Diamond Delights III"!

    Windy Meadow