Oct 6, 2008


Friday night I needed something simple and small to occupy my stitchy time. I pulled out this little scissor keep canvas and went to work. This is from Associated Talents and I picked this up during a trunk show at City Stitcher. With the exception of the french knots, I managed to stitch this up before hitting the sack Friday night.
I promise......no finishing attempts on this one. I'll call in the professionals.
On Saturday, I was thinking about how much I enjoyed doing a little painted canvas, so I headed up to the studio to poke around a little bit. I must have been a very good girl in a former life, because just as I was thinking "Gee, I wish I had something small and fun for Autumn", I found this:WOOHOOOOOOO! This is from Painted Pony designs and IT CAME WITH A STITCHY GUIDE! I picked this one up a zillion years ago when Chrissy and I attended a Getaway Weekend hosted by Miss Theresa of Homestead Needlearts. If I told you how exuberant the happy dance was when I found this, you'd be on the floor with the vision of it....so I'll refrain. Needless to say, I spent a few minutes thanking the stitchy gods that I was smart enough to buy this thing (oh so long ago), and I flossed it right up with DMC and a few beads for good measure.
I love love love how it's coming out, and I can hardly wait to finish up that pumpkin square. The acorn gave me little fits at first, but then I got to the waffle stitch background and I was dancing again over how much I liked doing them (waffle stitch....who knew?).
So I seem to be in a painted canvas spurt at the moment, and I'll probably finish this up and then poke around some more to see what else is hidden in the depths of my stash. I've decided that I am now on a SPURT ROTATION, which means that I will stitch whatever spurt seems to hit me at the moment. For now, it seems to be painted canvas. Stay tuned!


  1. I am jealous, jealous, jealous! I saw that wonderful autumn squares canvas at my local LNS and passed it by. I had already bought too many Shepard's Bush kits (can't resist them sheep) and had to keep the damage to the credit card down to a rumble. I like needlepoint a lot, but it seems to be a lot more expensive than cross stitch and takes me so much longer.

    Your canvas pieces are REALLY looking good. Congratulations and accumulating some great stash.

  2. I love your fall needlepoint projects. Our guild is teaching us needlepoint right now but there isn't much available for it locally. Probably just as well since I have loads of cross stitch to do =)

  3. It's positively gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I love the Scissor keep finish, the colors are just beautiful! Congratulations on the finish!

    The Autumn design is wonderful, such beautiful Autumn colors. I look forward to seeing this when it is done!

  5. Cute finish. The squares is looking great also.

  6. Very nice near-finish! Looks like it would have been quite a fun stitch. Waffle stitch, eh? Can't remember if I've done that one . . .

  7. beautiful...how come when I go to my "stash" it seem so dated!...this is a great find and I love the different stitches in it.....