Oct 9, 2008


It's official. I love painted canvas. BUT! I have discovered that I am a stitcher that simply MUST have a stitch guide.

I have a really nice collection of canvases in my stash, and I love pawing through them and playing with threads, but they just intimidate the living h-e-double-toothpicks outta' me. Then I get all frustrated and put them away with a lot of heavy sighing and disgust that I'm not capable of executing the visions in my head.

So I've ordered a few stitch guides for a few canvases so that I can start to ENJOY my stash. (Hmmmm. Enjoyment of one's stash. Who knew?)

This baby is almost complete. Only the background and copper accents to go. The blocks turned out really cool, with lots of texture and various stitches. I used DMC floss for this, but I can imagine that other threads would have given it even more dimension.

Today I'm going to go through that Autumn basket (yet again). I have a great Shepherd's Bush "Into the Night" kit that methinks needs some startin'!


  1. Not to worry. I have almost more ideas about painted canvases than can fit in my head. No wonder sometimes I pick up my needlepoint at night and 2 hours zoom by!

    So ask. Bet there are a lot of folks hanging out here on your blog who have ideas, too. Together we can come up with A Plan.

    Hugs from CH,

  2. Hi! Your project is beautiful. I feel the same way about painted canvases, as I started my needlework life doing cross stitch, and when I work on painted canvases, I miss the precision. Have you ever tried Elizabeth Bradley kits? Although the canvases are painted, the kits also come with fantastic color-coded charts. I've been known to turn the canvas over to the blank side and stitch just using the chart.

  3. Ooooh... I just sorted out the threads for Into the Night last night. I really love the colors. Planning to start stitching it some time today.

  4. Hi Coni,

    Your painted canvas is a wonderful
    ode to Fall. Love the colours and
    the designs in it.

    I'm not familiar with this style
    of needlework, so forgive my
    ignorance, but do the charts not
    provide you with instructions on
    what sort of stitch to use in each
    part of the design?? Or does the
    stitcher just choose which stitches
    he/she wants to use? Or will the
    guides that you ordered be showing
    HOW to make the stitches?

    The posts that you dedicated to
    your Mom and Dad were so lovely
    to read. Your words allowed me
    to visual what they must have been
    like in life and what they meant to
    you and your sister. No better
    tribute to their lives can exist
    then the way you hold their
    memories in your heart with love
    and admiration and humour.

    I'm like you right now in that I
    can't seem to settle on a stitching
    project that has results I'm happy with.

    I've started two, but one is stitched with three threads
    of floss, which I'm not use to
    doing and I don't like the look
    of what little I've done so far. And the other is 32 count, and
    I don't like the look of the
    stitches that I've done on it
    thus far either.

    We're celebrating Thanksgiving
    here this weekend, so I'm hoping
    to find some time to go through
    my stash and find a project that
    will appeal to me. And I think
    that I need my magnifier to work
    on those two projects I mentioned

    I am delighted to hear that you
    too are a reader. It's always
    nice to find another book lover.
    Thanks to books the long trip
    home from work is bearable for