Aug 1, 2008


Stewey and I were really intrigued by the idea of taking up a project for the duration of the Olympics. I first read about this challenge on Ms. Stitch Bitch Her Very Self's blog and I haven't let go of it since. (Here....I'll try to use the thingie that allows me to add a link and we'll see if it works:

Anywhoose, I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it, and after a lot of conferences with my colleague, we decided to do this:

This is an amazing book that was a long-ago Christmas present from Chrissy. It's called "Patchwork of Peace" and the author/designer is Mary Clark Donegan. This book consists of 247 squares of different stitches that she put together in the likeness of an American flag. I suppose you could do almost any flag, but since I'm a Hoosier American and all, I figured we'd go with the red, white, and blue.

The canvas for this piece measures out to be 18 inches by 24 inches, so methinks this will be interesting to play with. Stretcher bars or scroll rods? I'll definitely have to dust off the floor stand for this one, which means Stewey will be forced off the ottoman and onto his perch for the duration.

I'll leave you with a pic of the little man himself practicing his "thank you for my gold medal, Mr. President" pose. He's really excited to be going to the games and hopes to bring home the gold in several events. If any of them involve lifting a leg or barking at the UPS man, he's got a very good chance.


  1. Hi Stewey, you do look a good boy!

    Looking forward to seeing your project develop, although i will be supporting the UK entrants ... sorry LOL

  2. I'll be watching for you in the opening ceremonies! LOL! I so look forward to reading your blog entries and once again you came through. You bring me so much laugher. This very "olympic" entry is just the bomb. I like your idea of stitching in the red, white and blue during the olympics. We are having our annual retreat during part of them and we have a patriotic theme! Happy Stitching! :)

  3. Can't wait to see Stewey receive his gold medals. Love the idea of a patriotic project during the olympics. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Hi Coni,

    If Stewey is competing in the
    Olympics I might just have to
    watch after all. (Sports bore
    me to tears I'm afraid)

    I love the colours that
    represent the American flag...
    also the British flag... and
    the French flag. So this
    project will be wonderful I'm
    sure. Can't wait to see your

    Hey!! Do you think they'd let
    Stewey carry the flag in the
    opening ceremonies???

    This is a fantastic idea for
    fans of stitching and the


  5. Way to go Stewey! Gizmo, (and Mike & I) will be rooting you on, as he loves to watch his counterparts on TV!! Get the gold boy!!!! And CJ, looks like you deserve the Gold also, not only for your wonderful blog, but for all your wonderful stitching projects! I am in awe of you girl... you found your niche! Boombatz

  6. Dear Miss Coni, Her Very Self,
    What a GRAND idea! I hope you have the painted canvas to go with! No? Oh dear. I do. It was part of the shop I bought. What a pity I can't stitch along with you. I have too many other projects including running said shop. Kiss kiss! Theresa

  7. I am pleased to tell you, you have received and award on my blog, you bring a smile to my face when i read your ramblings. Thank you. x

  8. Hi Coni,

    I have awarded you the creative blogger award. Feel free to pass it along or not, whichever is your preference! ;-)I really enjoy your blog, you make me laugh so much and your stitching is beautiful too - thank you!

    BTW, I think Stewie *really* deserves that medal, don't you? LOL

    Jackie x

  9. Very cute picture of Stewey! He definitely looks like a gold medal winner!