Jul 23, 2008


I finished my crewel project last night! Here's "Birthday wish" as per the perfect little kit that I received from Wool&Hoop. It measures approximately 6 inches square. I just can't say enough wonderful things about this artist and her company: (http://www.crewelworld.com)

Since I am feeling the crewel, I have decided to make a big-ass wall hanging in celebration. I positioned the iron-on transfers I received in my kit (all from Wool&Hoop) on the wonderful ulster linen twill. Yes, I know that I'm missing one in the lower right, but a mere click of the mouse and that situation is rectified.

I'm not sure about color, but methinks I shouldn't over-think it and just go with what moves me at that moment. I've got lots of yummy choices, thanks to my kit from you-know-where (are you detecting a theme here?)

I think the reason why I am so tickled about this whole crewel thing is that it's the first needleart form that I have attempted all by my very own self. Chrissy has been my teacher for all of the other forms. (Ooops, sorry Miss Sharon from House of Stitches and the hardanger lessons.) So I suppose that I feel as though I have had a safety net for my stitchy journey thus far. Crewel is my first solo flight, so to speak, and I'm really happy that I tried something new and didn't throw it out the window when I couldn't be "just perfectly perfect in every way" at it from the get-go. It took a little bit of patience and confidence...two items totally missing from my grocery list.

I love this one...it's called "Ruby Shoots".

I'll leave you with a pic of Stewey. He has been rather contemplative all morning long. I think it has to do with our discussion about "marking" and "territorial behavior". I explained that he is a big boy now and has no need to pee on everything that isn't moving. He retorted by pointing me to Martha's blog on which she showed pics of her very own French bulldog "Sharky" peeing on the sisal. This launched us into a very late-night argument over all the ways Mommie is NOT AT ALL like Martha, and, despite her very best attempts to do so, she will NOT be remembered for her parenting/homekeeping/negotiation skills."My mother thinks she's Annie Freakin' Leibowitz. Somebody call Vanity Fair."


  1. Crewel was the very first type of needlework I ever did. Taught myself just like I taught myself cross stitch and needlepoint. It looks great ;)

  2. Wow. Crewel. I always thought it was too . . . hard? But yours looks lovely. I might have to rethink crewel as I have TONS of needlepoint wool and now really would rather needlepoint in silk and specialty threads. What to do with all that yarn?

    Go, Annie L., go!

  3. Congrts on your lovely finish.

  4. Coni

    I love your blog and I ordered the complete kit from woolandhoop.com, thanks to you. I liked your tribute to your Dad. My Dad's birthday was also on Monday and I still miss him terribly.

    teresa / IL

  5. Oh, I love it! I used to do crewel a LOT when my DH and I first got married, it's my first needlework love :)
    What a great project you have planned out, you are very creative!

  6. Hi Coni,

    I've always loved Crewel. The second piece (I think as this was 30+ years ago) was a Crewel piece and was an owl design. I'm not sure as I didn't date pieces way back then. :-)

    Crewel is lot's of fun to stitch and I love the texture. It wasn't available for so long that I'm glad that it's coming back though I'm not sure about the newer hipper designs. LOL!

    I like the "Ruby Shoots" and the flowers on the upper right and I'll be looking forward to seeing how they work up. :-)

    By the way, I'm going to be posting a picture of some crewel work on my blog in the next two weeks. Or after they come back from the finisher. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  7. The crewel looks so interesting! I was going thru some of my ah-hem, older, stash & found TWO crewel kits. I must give them a try, one of these years.

    Love the patterns & fibers you show in your photos. Looks great.