Jul 21, 2008


Wow! What a weekend! I managed to spend almost all of it in the Happy Chair with fabulous stitching projects. Bliss.
Friday night's project was a floss ring tag. I have been lusting after these on all of your blogs and I shamelessly lifted the design from a fellow stitchy goddess. NOTE TO FELLOW STITCHY GODDESS: Because I am a total boob, I cannot find your blog to give you proper credit. So if you will simply comment that I am, indeed, a boob and tell the world that I shamelessly lifted your design, I will be happy to apologize profusely in my next post.
Saturday found Chrissy and I running around in the 600 degree heat and 900 percent humidity to pick up prescriptions, do the grocery shopping, banking, etc. I was a damp and cranky mess by the time I got home to a cool shower. But did I let that stop my evening stitching? Noooooo. Being the trooper I am, I decided to start yet another new project: The Drawn Thread's "Cloister Garden". Oh, this one is yummy. I didn't have a very big selection of linen in my stash that would fit the dimensions of the piece, but I did find a package of 28ct. Waterlily linen in the bottom of the drawer that was just perfect. It's a lovely pale green and I think it shows off the color of the silks quite nicely. (Thanks to my excellent photography skills, you can't see it at all, but trust me, it's beautiful.)
Sunday was a real treat. As you all know, I simply adore Laura J. Perin. Well, our girl Laura threw down a gauntlet on her blog with a blackwork challenge, and I'm stitching along! I found a piece of 28ct. cashel in antique white, and my thread choice was "Fraises du Bois" Wildflowers for the first installment. I've never done blackwork before, but I fell in love with it the moment my needle met the linen! Woo Hoo! One more needlework form to put on my list to master in the future! (Again, EXCELLENT photography just makes this one POP, doesn't it?)
Stewey is a happy camper today. Last night was BATH NIGHT and he got a little spritz of his favorite "big boy smell" afterwards. For his birthday I bought him a bottle of "Aramutz", which is the puppy version of the men's cologne "Aramis", so he is prancing all around the house smelling wonderful. I swear, if that dog could wear pants and put me on his health insurance I'd marry him.
I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to be perfect and polite and answer all of your comments on my blog. I so appreciate them...they make me feel like Miss America Her Very Self. I am humbled by your encouragement and simply floored by your kindnesses. Thank you from the bottom of my pitiful little heart.
Now I understand that I have been nominated for a Creative Blogger award. I graciously accept this award on behalf of the cast and crew and promise to treasure it as long as I live. THANK YOU!


  1. Lovely floss ring tag and great 'blackwork/pinkwork'. Water lily is such a lovely colour, the Drawn Thread will be gorgeous on that.

  2. Coni,

    Ok, you are hilarious. I have to tell you that I have a group of stitching friends and we are becoming your groupies. You sound like you would fit right in with the rest of us clowns!!! If only you lived in Minnesota and could join us on Friday nights when we stitch. We could use some more good humor.

  3. Coni, you make me laugh. I find your blog to be very entertaining. You just tell it like it is. Keep up the fun!

  4. Ah the call of the blackwork. There is something about it that's very addictive, even more so to those who see the geometry.

    And I love the floss ring. I may have to come up with my own design based on yours.

  5. Hi Coni,

    Great projects!

    I'm also hoping to stitch Laura's Blackwork challenge though I'm still scambling for the fabric and I have to decide between three thread options. I'm also thinking about doing this on canvas but I still haven't decided. Too many possibilities! Do I keep things simple, no... Sigh... :-)

    Hopefully I'll be able to start the Blackwork Mystery this weekend. If not, I won't be able to read Laura's blog until I do as I want to do this mystery as a mystery. That's my motivation, no reading of Laura's blog until I stitch the first section. Okay, now where's that fabric/canvas... :-)

    Windy Meadow

  6. Ooooh, I like your pinkwork colors, Coni! Enjoy the airy open look while it lasts....the next layer fills things in (just a little teaser there - grin).

  7. love love love blackwork and it has been calling my name from my studio lately...now that I know of WIP drawings and such I might just start a new one!