Jul 29, 2008


I love the word serendipity, and I especially love it when serendipity happens to me!

On Sunday I finished Part One of the Laura J. Perin blackwork mystery. I was just sitting there thinking about how excited I would be to start Part Two when I just happened to visit Laura's blog and see it for my very own self!

So after a lot of wrestling with the ^&$#% printer, I settled in to the Happy Chair for Part Two.

Now you observant fans will notice that my original plan for this piece called for DMC #8 perle cotton in 316 for the second layer. But, being the stitchy goddess that I am, I decide to get jiggy with it and see if I couldn't pick out a contrasting color all by myself without too much angst.

I did it! DMC#898, a lovely chocolaty brown that goes just swell with the pink. I felt like I had re-created the freakin' wheel, when it occurred to me that every college bound girl in America was standing in the Target picking out a pink and chocolate brown bedspread. Sigh.

Oh well, points for trying for sure. I just love this project and am tickled pink that I'm now ready for Part Three!

HA! Tickled pink! I just crack me up.

P.S. The scissor fob is actually a key fob that I bought at Borders a grillion years ago and the decorative felt under my q-snaps is a new thing I'm trying so that I can be like all of yous with your fancy-pants accessories and all.


  1. Your Mystery Blackwork piece is lovely - great colour choice too! Love your keyfob/scissor fob.
    'Fancy-pants accessories'? Mmmnn I use kitchen roll so now I need some of that decorative felt so I can like yous too. lol

  2. There's nothing wrong with looking to home dec and personal fashion for help in finding color matches. You shouldn't feel bad about the choice, you have just internalized the things you see around you. That's a good (fashionista-type) thing!

  3. Hi Coni,

    LOL over the color comment... It could have been blue and brown which is also awfully popular right now!

    Love the colored fancy felt!

    Windy Meadow

  4. Oh kewl, we all love fancy pants accessories : )

  5. It is beautiful and yes pink and brown and blue and brown are all the rage right now. There is nothing wrong with that. Have fun with your fancy pants accessories. LOL

  6. OOOOOHHH! OOOOHHH! OOOOHHH! I'm drooling over the pink and chocolate combo - GREAT COLORS - YUMMERS!!! ...and by the way, I've just listed you as a recipient of my BRILLANTE WEBLOG AWARD! Check my blog tomorrow - July 31st - to read the details.... ta ta for now, you speedy blackworker, you! LAURA

  7. Wow, you just got an award today, Thursday, July 31st from Laura Perin. I am so excited for you and so is Josie. She says Stewey Mom's is fabolous.... I am so jealous. I need more free time to keep up with you.