Jul 8, 2008


Last night was Spinster Stitcher Stitchy Rotation Drawing night. I have been in such a fog lately that I decided to pull a WIP and get on with it. The results:

It's Bent Creek's "Spring Snapperland". I managed to finish the border and get a few rows of block four started. I'm stitching this on a gorgeous piece of linen called "Pink for the Cure". Very "springy" in real life.

I also managed to watch an interview with Sydney Pollack on TCM. I love Sydney Pollack. Forget the fact that he's from South Bend....I think he is simply fabulous. A few years ago, my friend Michele and I went to see him at a screening/discussion of "Out of Africa". We sat right there in the front row and I probably could have reached out and touched him. He talked about making the film and his career and then fielded questions from the audience. Magic. Just magic.

"It's Tuesday, so I better make sure to get my chores done. Blankets back in basket....check.""Am I done now, Mom? I want to take a wee nap before dinner time.""Whew...I'm bushed! The old lady sure knows how to make me work for a living!"


  1. What a sweetie...both the snapperland AND the puppy (as my daughter calls them all) :o)

  2. Awww poor Stewey, working like a slave while you stitch LOL
    Nice snappers.

  3. Nice progress!

    My Buddy Lee is up on the end table looking out of the big front window as I type this. JRT's have such a big personality, don't they?

    How do you keep his hair out of your stitching? Or does he become a part of each piece you stitch? :)

  4. Your snapperland looks great. Oh poor little guy, you make him earn his keep. LOL

  5. oooohh poor Stewey. I hope mom lets you rest tonight.

  6. Great progress on Snapperland.

    You do work Stewey so hard!! LOL

  7. Stewey for President ... what a sweetheart : )