Jun 22, 2008


On Saturday afternoon, Chrissy's work colleague Debra came for a visit with her little daughter Moriah. Moriah is eleven years old and suffers from some very very serious health problems that make it hard for her to get around easily. She is the most beautiful and smart little girl, and Chrissy wanted to teach her to stitch since Moriah loves to do things with her hands.

I sat in the studio and choked back tears as I watched my sister tenderly teach Moriah the basics of counted cross stitch. Chrissy had gone on a little shopping trip and had loaded up a pink box with some stitchy tools, tons of floss and aida cloth, and several cool kits. Moriah chose the "Girls Rule" pattern and watched patiently as Chrissy showed her how to thread a needle, find the center of the fabric, and then make her first stitches.

Moriah peered over the top of her glasses, said "OK, I understand", and started to stitch the most perfect little x's. She was so careful and meticulous about each movement. When she made a mistake, she calmly pulled the stitch out and started again. Within minutes, she had it figured out and decided to start on the kit. I think it was about a half hour later when she proudly showed the first petals of the flower that she had copied from the chart. Just perfect.

I'm in love with this little girl. She is the bravest, most gentle soul I think I have seen in quite a while. She sat with us and learned something new that will hopefully see her through long hours of waiting in doctors' offices or those "boring days at Grandmas". Her concentration was amazing to watch and an inspiration to us.

I am also so very proud of my little sis. I tease her all the time because she's the least patient person I know and she tends more toward "bitchy" most days than kind. But the Chrissy I saw on Saturday amazed and awed me. She took her passion for stitching and gave that gift to a little girl who will enjoy it tremendously. She was very patient and gentle and so concerned that we make it a nice day for Moriah, even if it meant having to step out of her comfort zone.


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. Chrissy is obviously a very caring person. She not only gave Moriah the materials to stitch with but more importantly gave her time and patience that will stay with Moriah forever. Well done Chrissy and well done to Moriah too - welcome to the stitching world!

  2. What a wonderful thing for sister to do!

  3. Kudos to Chrissy! I know I've taught a young girl to stitch before and it filled me with so much happiness to have her sit next to me and stitch while I was stitching. I'm sure Moriah will always remember being taught by Chrissy.

    It is a wonderful thing when the people we know best surprise us with their kindness to others.

  4. How wonderful, i skill passed on forever. I wonder if they both learnt something that afternoon??

  5. Made me cry Coni...

    I've just headed back to the beginning of your blog, as I'm a recent new follower and wanted to see where this all began.

    Well done Crissy. Did Moriah continue with her stitching?