Jun 16, 2008


So there we were....having a stitchy Sunday afternoon up in the studio when I thought my house was going to get up and run away. At first I thought it was just a heavy rain, but Chrissy yelled "THAT'S HAIL!" and I thought she was nuts.

We stood at the window and watched helplessly as hail rained down on her car parked in my driveway. They said it was "golf-ball" sized, but if those were golf balls I'm a petite blond triathlete. You could have dribbled these things.

Chrissy's car suffered dents, but her poor house took the worst of it. Her siding looked like somebody took pot-shots at it with a shotgun, and her chimney also looked like it wasn't too happy. Most of the neighbors in her subdivision will be standing in their yards with insurance adjusters today I would guess.

Here in HappyVille, Stewey's little tomato plants took the worst of it. He's very sad today....moping about and sniffing over the fact that Mommie Dearest couldn't have had the foresight to go out and rescue his little pots from the patio. I did some propping up this morning and told him they would recover, but the guilt will last far longer than the clean up effort.

"My mother is an incompetent. I could have thrived with a smarter owner."

I made a little bit of progress on "Primrose Path" last night while watching a Bravo show called "Flipping Out". Methinks I have a new Tuesday night obsession coming.

I know the progress is rather pitiful, but I did have to carefully lay all of the yellow sparkly bits. I'm using RG's Sparkle Rays and wanted it all to look nice. I'm not a very proficient/fast lay-er, so this really was a lot to get done for on evening's effort.

I know, I know, I said I would use the Ribbon Floss that Laura J. Perin calls for, but I just couldn't do it. Baby steps, OK? I mean, I had the Flair picked out and everything and decided to try the Sparkle Rays and I just have to get a little credit for that, right?


  1. We had hail here in Elkhart too yesterday, but more like pea-sized, thankfully.

    Nice progress on your weekend stitching!

  2. Oh Stewey please cheer up, things will be OK!

  3. Great start.

    Smile Stewey, sulking doesn't show off your good side LOL

  4. Hi Coni,

    Thanks for sending that storm system our way but it wasn't as bad here today. Unfortunately, our DD is down in West Virginia hiking on a shake down hike getting ready for their big hike in Arizona in July (BSA's Philmont Ranch). How do I know it rained on her today? She called from one of the cell phones when they took temporary shelter in one of the park's stores. They were rained on for hours!!!

    I'm still laughing at the petite blonde triathelete comment!!! :-)

    Yes, you do get credit. Aren't Rainbow Gallery's fibers fun? I love petite Sparkle Rays!

    Practice with the Flair on a doodle canvas and you'll learn to love it. It lays beautifully and covers the canvas very well.

    You'll get better a lay-ing threads the more you practice. I know... I know... it can be frustrating at first but it does get better (she says while ducking the large pillow that Coni just threw at her).

    And how come I kept picturing hens after reading that last comment! ROFLOL!!!

    Windy Meadow

  5. Oh no - rain ruined some of my tomato plants too. Sometimes I think it's easier to buy them in a shop!
    Never mind Stewey - you probably don't even like tomatoes - do you?

  6. Let Stewey know that soon Hilltop will have their little veggie stands open so he can buy a few of their yummy, locally-grown, salmonella-free tomatoes.